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MAC Holiday Collection

Posted by luvmalegs on 2005.10.17 at 13:26
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Ok so the MAC Holiday collection will be released this week. I think the exact date is 10/20. How practical is it to get the Brush set? Is it worth getting these brushes? Are they the same quality as the regular brushes? I heard somewhere that the quality is different. I'm interested in getting the 217, 219 and 239 and the holiday collection has a couple of those.

Posted by lilchocolatema on 2005.10.16 at 17:07
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Hey y'all!! It was time to have a place to write about every brand of makeup that you love, every brush, each sponge, and cleanser. The list never stops! Please feel to post anything that you want that is beauty related. Be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself! If you are unfamiliar with LiveJournal, on the left, click the userinfo link, then on the row of icons, hit post (looks like a pencil). Enjoy!